We have always said that our love story was all about great timing. We came together during a time when I was at my loneliest. I didn’t have anyone in my industry or around me that understood where I wanted to take my dreams. Bryce himself was yearning to find out what his “next thing” was. After years of knowing one another through high school and beyond, Bryce reached out to me asking to hang out. Who knew that that one moment spent together would create a lifelong connection in both our personal and our professional lives. I shared my dreams with him, and he shared how he could not only help them come true, but be by my side the whole time. We started to see how well we worked alongside one another, and now Bryce works full time with me on my creative lifestyle blog, Maddy Corbin, and a new side hustle we are launching soon. You know how they say the best ones are the ones you won’t see coming? That is exactly what it felt like for the two of us. Thank goodness for good timing.

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