It’s time to share a love story, a little look into my life and the people that make it so sweet. My love story isn’t about a significant other, but about my two lovely long distance best friends who are always there for me when I need them. We met in high school and we’ve been best friends ever since--five years and counting. My life wouldn’t be the same without them in it, without the constant love and laughter we share. I know I always have two friends that love and care about me, who will help me through anything and everything life has in store. Although we communicate through the phone most of the time, since we all live in separate places, I know I can count on them to be on the other end of a call or letter if I have happy news, sad news, or just need to full-on rant. They know me better than anyone else, and I am so happy we share such a wonderful connection! I am always counting down the time until we are reunited again.

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