Six colors inspired by elements of nature. Designed to effortlessly complement the Iconic and Petite collections in perfect harmony.



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A selection of shades, each a reflection of the timeless force of nature. Find the color that symbolizes you best.

Add a pop of color to your watch collection with one of our color dials. A vibrant, bold and eye-catching selection of watch faces, each a representation of your mood, attitude and style. Discover our collection and find the watch that matches you the best – choose between men’s and women’s watches with classic round watch dials, square face dials or rectangular dials.


The Daniel Wellington’s color dial watches are designed for both men and women. Choose between the option of an elegant mesh or striking metal link bracelet to match. We offer green, blue and brown dials, as well as our classic white and black watch faces. The watch straps, bezel and other details of our watches are carefully crafted with double plated stainless steel available in rose gold, silver or gold.

Our colorful watches come in different designs and sizes. Our Iconic Link Arctic is a silver watch with a blue face, for a clean and elegant look. A brown dial watch with a rose gold watch strap is perfect for that beachy, tanned look. And if you haven’t already noticed, the emerald green in our green face watch draws attention by its beautiful pop of color.

For a more subtle statement, we also offer gold, rose gold and silver dial watches that seamlessly match the complementing watch straps.


Explore Daniel Wellington’s color dial watches online today, to find the one that speaks to you and reflects your unique style. The collection is rapidly growing with new colors and tones added regularly, keep an eye out for the next drop – it could be your favorite color!

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