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How do you define your personal style?
My personal style is definitely rooted in comfort! I like clothes that feel good on the skin and have clean lines. For daily wear, my sense of style deviates to simple and more classic picks.

What type of timepieces do you like?
Those that are clean, functional with an elegant touch. I believe in quality so a good timepiece should wear the test of time and age well.

Which is your favourite timepiece from the Daniel Wellington's Classic collection?
It’s so hard to choose just one! I’d have to go with the Classic Black Roselyn, the rose gold and ruby colour is gorgeous, and the NATO strap makes it so versatile.

Your idea of a perfect holiday?
Right now I’m loving beaches, but any place where I can be with my loved ones to just unwind with some good food and conversations is ideal. 

What item from your wardrobe completes your daily look?
I love the Classic Bracelet from Daniel Wellington. Its so chic and minimalistic and can be easily paired with any outfit on the go.

What is luxury to you?
Luxury is time and savouring experiences. Sleep is a luxury at the moment but I’m very grateful for the work that is coming my way. 

Your idea of a perfect gift?
I love pampering my husband. After being associated with DW, I have given him gift sets from their Classic Collection. He loves the products and the packaging!

What inspires you?
The people in my life that push me to be a better version of myself, inspire me greatly.

A philosophy that you live by?
To do everything conscientiously and try to be empathetic towards everything and everyone. This extends to even smaller everyday tasks and interactions with others, you never realize the importance of the little things until you introspect back on them.


Radhika's Favourites

Classic Petite Melrose 32mm (white)
Classic Petite Melrose
32 mm
Classic Reading 36 Silver
Classic Reading
36 mm
Classic Petite Bondi 32 Rose Gold (Black)
Classic Petite Bondi
32 mm

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