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glass replacement

Cost: 50£, shipping included.

As per our warranty terms, damaged, scratched or broken glass is not covered by our warranty. However, we are happy to offer a glass replacement service. How to:

1. Get in touch

Describe the product in question. Send pictures (front and back) of the product via e-mail to customersupport@danielwellington.com and state your name, your shipping address and your e-mail.

If you wish to proceed with the repair, pay for the repair via a payment link which will be sent from an official DW email address to you by e-mail. You also need to reply to the email with a confirmation that we are allowed to proceed.

2. Send us the watch

Following payment, you will be provided with a UPS shipping label addressed to our logistics center in Uppsala.

Print the label and attach it to your parcel before sending the product to DW with UPS.

3. We repair

We do our utmost to ensure that the repaired product will be returned to you within fourteen (14) working days of following receipt of the product.

We will send an e-mail to the address you provided confirming the dispatch of your parcel, including relevant shipping information.

When you proceed with the repair service, we will save some of your personal information in order for you to complete the purchase. You have the right to request access to your data and if any information is incorrect you may have it changed or removed.

Other repairs

We do simple repairs such as battery replacement, replacement of watch band pins or the replacement of watch bands in our own shops or at some retailers.

You can read the complete terms and conditions for repair here.

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