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Classic Collection, is a slim timepiece that sits perfectly on your wrist. With a flawlessly round and simple dial, a classy leather band and an elegant casing, you have a timepiece that proves that perfection in engineering not only is a possibility, but a reality.

“It's lightness and simplicity. It makes me feel elegant in any place, at any time”


If you wear one of these classic watches every day, whether you are relaxing or on the sports field, it is worth investing in a timepiece that is lightweight. Daniel Wellington’s watches for men and women are minimal-looking and perfect for any occasion. Classic wrist watches, known for their clean lines, were created for modern people who appreciate classic elegance. They are light, minimalist and carefree. A wrist watch from Daniel Wellington is versatile and cool and the perfect accessory throughout every season. Designed for quality they will last many years and match your individual style. Watches that rest delicately on your wrist and will keep time with the demands of your lifestyle.


It was Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense who, in the early 1970s, brought out the original NATO watch straps for the military. These first NATO straps were made of strong woven nylon, with buckles made of chromium-plated brass. The strap’s strength ensured that the classic watches were securely fastened in order to endure tough conditions, water and wearing. Today, watches from Daniel Wellington are available with several differently designed NATO straps. The textured nylon weave has been particularly chosen for its strength and durability. The Classic Warwick watch has blue and green stripes, while the Classic Canterbury is red, white and navy. You will never fail to make a style statement sporting a watch with a classic NATO strap from Daniel Wellington.


Classic watches are elegantly clean, creating a minimalist look. All Daniel Wellington watches can be worn with casual outfits as well as a business suit or a party outfit. The classic collection designs are subtle and elegant, complementing any style and mood. Crafted with delicate details, these watches can be worn anywhere, day or night, at work or at play. The Classic St Mawes rose gold watch is a typical classic watch, sleek in its finish with rose gold, to give it a subtle luxurious look. You can always give your watch a new design with a new, beautiful interchangeable strap from the classic range.


Putting an outfit together for home or office does not end with the clothing. Accessories will enhance the entire look and classic watches make dressing decisions easy for the day or night. If you want a cool watch that will look the part, even after hours, then Daniel Wellington classic watches with a black or eggshell white face will serve your purpose well. Traditional watch faces from the collection are perfect for the weekend and a more formal black watch can add sophistication and glamour. Perfect for the boardroom or for dining out, they will add a unique style to the occasion. These elegant timepieces make the ultimate personal fashion statement.

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