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Mesh watch strap

Lindsey´s look can be described as a boho fairy tale princess with her stunning hairstyle but without a frog prince. Mrs. Rogers is exploring the sporty side of life along with her hubby Cade. The versatile the mesh strap goes with whatever she is up to; regardless if it is fishing or having a dinner party with friends. Being a professional hair stylist she emphasise the importance of staying current with fashion.

"This line is not something that is ever going out of style"

In comparison to other watches the mesh collections can be adjustable in a large extent without getting that worn vintage look. Mesh straps will keep its just-got-it-from-the-package-look longer, that´s why it will be Lindsey´s go to timepiece.

Mesh watch bands

Mesh watch bands accentuate classic elegance while adding a splash of refreshing attitude. With a classic mesh watch band on your wrist you are ready to go from office to rooftop party in the blink of an eye. Daniel Wellington’s mesh watch bands come in three different styles. Melrose is an undeniably elegant rose gold mesh strap. Sterling is a silver mesh strap that just like a silver lining in your life will elevate your everyday outfit, mood and spirit. And last but not least, the black Ashfield: a matte black mesh strap that is modern and timeless at the same time. A true style statement. Mesh watch bands from Daniel Wellington are an outstanding combination of style and attitude, true designer statements and the perfect companions to the Classic Petite watch collection.

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