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The Nato Strap is Back!

What is a nato strap? It is a little bit of history that keeps on going.
Designed initially for the military, functional and practical, this trendy strap is now the favourite of many.

Nato Strap for Watches is the Latest Craze

Despite what the intriguing name might suggest, the Nato strap doesn’t have any connection to its international organisation namesake. It does have its roots in the military through. It first made its appearance in 1973 as a standard issue watch strap by the British Ministry of Defence. This nylon strap with brass or stainless steel buckle was worn proudly by a generation of soldiers. The strap's history, combined with its interchangeable nature and fun, distinctive appearance, have made it a hit among watch admirers in the civilian world with many owning an extensive collection of these straps. The Nato strap for watches can be found attached to timepieces ranging from the most simple to elegant luxury watches like Daniel Wellington.

Nato Straps Easy Installation and Adjustment

As you would expect fo military use, this is a strap that is highly reliable, practical and built to last. The nato strap consists of an 18mm wide piece of nylon available in a variety of iconic colours and stripe patterns. Attached to the buckle is a shorter piece of nylon through which the main part of the strap passes. This arrangement ensures the watch stays snugly in place. The nato strap install process is quick and easy making it straightforward to swap straps between different timepieces. As these straps are relatively inexpensive, it’s feasible to build up a collection and choose one according to what best complements the watch dial you are using, your outfit, or your mood!

How to Find the Perfect Strap

A significant advantage of the nato strap length is that it is “one size fits all”. The extra length of nylon is designed to loop neatly under the main strap. Smaller wrists will have a little more to loop and big wrists a little less. Making purchasing a nato strap very convenient, and you can even swap them with your friends if you wish! As the dimensions and materials of nato straps come pretty much as standard the main consideration when you buy will be the appearance. You may prefer a solid with one block colour, with different coloured stitching, or the iconic striped pattern. Or why not purchase several?

Ultimate Nato Strap Black from Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is iconic watch brand specialising in refined, minimalistic timepieces with a personal touch and classic appeal. Daniel Wellington is one of several internationally admired watch manufacturers that embraces the nato strap. They offer an eclectic selection of tastefully designed nato straps that are the perfect complement for the understated elegance of their timepieces. The easy interchangeability of these straps gives great flexibility to Daniel Wellington owners, allowing them to choose a strap to match an event, dress code or their own sense of style. The nato strap black by Daniel Wellington is a timeless design that embodies sophistication. It is the ideal foil to this watchmaker’s range of sleek, and attractive dials.

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