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History of The Nato Watch Strap

The Nato watch strap is a timeless accessory for the true gentleman with a spirit of adventure! The versatility offered by these sensational straps will leave your wrist asking, "where have you been all my life?".

What is a Nato watch strap

You may be wondering what is a Nato watch strap, and if you guessed that it had an affiliation with the military, you'd be correct! It was in 1973 when the Nato watch strap debuted in the British Ministry of Defence. Initially, they were desired for their simplicity and practicality. The original piece came only in the shade of admiralty grey, and a standard bandwidth of 20mm. There have been very few modifications made to the physical design, with a bandwidth shortening of 2mm and the use of stainless steel fittings rather than the traditional brass, due to its strength and fashion appeal. This is one design that has truly stood the test of time.

Two Piece Nato Watch Strap By Daniel Wellington

The two piece Nato watch strap by Daniel Wellington is chosen and designed by the best. They are picked like the grapes of Napa Valley; therefore, they have a stylish and non-pretentious feel. Never mass produced, they are designed and made specifically for you, thus not only do you have a high-quality strap, but a friend as well. The quality and performance of the straps are top-notch, thus matching the value and quality of your Daniel Wellington watch setting aside the question of taste and style. Another key feature of the straps is the fail-safe military grade security. In the case of an attaching bar breakage, the Nato watch strap has the watchband passes under the watch case.

Canvas Nato Watch Strap - Wearable And Fashionable

Does the spirit of adventure run fast and wild within you? Like the white water rapids that get your adrenaline pumping. Or the exhilarating 18,000 ft skydive? Then the canvas Nato watch strap will hold your Daniel Wellington watch in place. Not only is it waterproof and durable, but it is also comfortable and trendy. With the solid and spotless Nato watch strap reputation, loose watch straps will be the last thing on your mind. The canvas Nato watch straps put the icing on the cake with their use in several Ian Fleming’s James Bond films. This goes ahead to put a seal on their durability, wearability and contemporary appeal of the straps.

Fashionable Nato Wrist Watch Strap For Any Occasion

The best thing about the Nato wrist watch strap is its interchangeability. Every strap is designed and crafted with the occasion in mind. The colour range and materials used for every particular Daniel Wellington strap creates a sense of fashion sharpness. Be it a day out on the golf course with a few friends or a company dinner; your Nato watch strap will match the function and add that soulful element to your outfit. On top of that, they have a way of complimenting any vintage watch you may have especially if a contemporaneous original can't be found. If the Nato strap is good enough for James Bond, is there more to add?

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