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Rose gold watches

Camilla Thurman has a penchant for the colour red which becomes obvious after having a quick glance at her IG feed. Accessory wise she has always been drawn to rose gold over silver and rarely mix those two colours together. On the other hand she loves to experiment between various tones of golds for a softer feminine look.

"I love how mixed metals complement each other in a ladylike manner."

The rose gold tone of Daniel Wellington accessories are in the fine line that makes it possible to wear with both silver and gold. No matter what your preferences are dare to experiment a bit with your jewellery. 


Daniel Wellington’s rose gold watches are beautifully crafted with careful attention to detail. They can be worn for beautiful inspiration as they make life fun, luxurious and fabulous.


If a person has already formed a solid attachment to an accessory, it is seldom that they will want to look for something else, and so it is with stunning rose gold watches. That warm, mesmerizing and romantic rose gold hue is not going anywhere. In fact, rose gold watches are being looked upon with fresh, covetous eyes. The luminous shade obtained from blending gold and copper is now more in demand than ever. With its subtle pink hue, whatever piece of jewelry it is used for, rose gold provides the wearer with an aura of sophistication. It is the ultimate in timeless jewelry fashion.


Beautiful jewelry always takes center stage, and with a rose gold watch and bracelet set, you have found the perfect gift. It is a gift which will tell your loved one that you have put thought into finding the ultimate statement piece. Rose gold watches are classic items that everyone can wear for a lifetime. That is the beauty about Daniel Wellington watches and accessories – they are stylish for every occasion, from the tennis court to a black dress event. Timeless and elegant timepieces that will be treasured for a lifetime. Choosing to incorporate rose gold jewelry into your style will achieve a warm glow that will last.


Daniel Wellington is synonymous with the best quality available, so it is not surprising that a quartz watch for excellent timekeeping, is part of this brand’s choice. Watch manufacturers use synthetic quartz crystals because they have consistent properties. All the rose gold watches from Daniel Wellington have an oscillator, and quartz is an ideal material to use for this. A rose gold quartz watch is a wonderful gift for anyone who is meticulous about style and accurate time keeping. It is an elegant and perfect accessory that is guaranteed to keep the time perfectly. Quartz watches will not gain or lose more than a minute in an entire year, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment.


Black watches with rose gold details are classic statement pieces and there are many variations to choose from. Polished rose gold watches with their robust stainless steel cases and minimalist rose gold markers, can go with you anywhere. By investing in these wonderful watches from Daniel Wellington, you will create a stylish look wherever you are and whatever you are wearing. Putting your own luxurious personal stamp on your looks is easy, with interchangeable straps and faces. These timepieces simply create a luxurious, exquisite fashion look. Warm rose gold, a gold and copper alloy, is a feminine hue with a rich, rewarding quality. A rose gold watch, with its elegant styling, will always remain in fashion.

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