Rockefeller, New York City: A national landmark, Rockefeller Center is noted for its architecture, based in the Art Deco style, with millions of people visiting every year. Since its construction in 1939, Rockefeller has become a popular destination for art, retail, and cultural enthusiasts alike.


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The inspiration for this piece comes from the Art Deco and Greco-Roman features evident across Rockefeller Center’s architecture. The 1920’s Art Deco movement, short for Arts Décoratifs, combined geometric patterns, design sensibility, and craftsmanship with disciplines such as architecture, decorative arts, and industrial design. Modern for its time, it symbolized cutting-edge innovation and the height of luxury. ‘Gates of Time’ aims to infuse these qualities with our understanding of time, which is what Daniel Wellington strives to symbolize and embody in our brand.

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