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Our signature dial, redefined with a bold edge.


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Discover our selection of square watch dials available in black, white and green. Featuring two new straps - pressed mesh and pressed leather. The mesh has a pressed texture to emulate a glistening fabric-like finish. The leather has a thinner profile and pressed edge to delicately blend with the dial for a chic finish.

Style with an edge: our square watches
The Quadro collection of square face watches

Historically speaking, square watches have not been around for that long, just a bit over a century. But the world welcomed them enthusiastically, and they’ve immediately become some of the most fashionable watches. At Daniel Wellington, we have created our own version of square watches by reshaping our signature dial design. As a result, our square watches still look and feel distinctly Daniel Wellington.

Our Quadro collection of stylish watches for women features multiple angular designs. Some are square face watches, such as the elegant Quadro Studio in rose gold, or rectangular like the Quadro Pressed Rouge in rose gold and blossom pink. There is a wide choice of dial colours as well. If you’re searching for watches that are in style, black watches must have popped up quite frequently. The monochrome Quadro Pressed Ashfield with a black dial, on a black dial mesh bracelet and luxurious details in gold, is proof that a minimalist watch can have great personality.

For those on a hunt for luxury square watches, we recommend the Quadro Pressed Melrose with a dial crafted from natural mother-of-pearl. Every watch is one of a kind, thanks to the unique pattern created by nature in the mother-of-pearl dial body. The texturized mesh watchband in rose gold adds a jewellery-like shimmer, making this timepiece the glamourous detail that elevates your outfits. For a more casual look that still feels luxurious, choose one of the Quadro Studio square face watches with piano watch straps. There are multiple dial colours available, from egg-shell white to patterned green, so pick your favourite and enjoy your new wrist gem.

Change straps for a unique watch

Square watches are already special, but can we take it up a notch? You can make your watch one of a kind with the interchangeable Daniel Wellington watch straps. Our range includes various types of watch straps, from leather to metal, and fabric watch straps. Switching watchbands is also a good idea when you want to adapt your timepiece to a particular occasion or event. For example, you can swap the watchband of the Quadro Pressed Melrose with the Quadro Petite Sheffield leather if you’re going for a more formal, business look.

Alternatively, if you have a watch with a leather band such as the Quadro Pressed Rouge, you can add more glamour with one of our mesh watch straps with a fine fabric-like texture and a high-quality finish. For some Quadro models, you can even alternate two metal watchbands. For example, the Quadro Pressed Melrose with black dial looks amazing with both the rose gold and black metal watch straps. Or, if you want to feel like you have two entirely different watches, get a fabric watch strap and pair it with your metal watchband timepiece, such as the Quadro Pressed Unitone in rose gold with the Quadro Petite Coral textile strap.

Your long-lasting minimalist watch

Our Daniel Wellington square watches are not minimalist just in their design but also in their carbon footprint. They’re made to last from high-quality, sustainable, yet fully recyclable materials. Thanks to the interchangeable watch straps, and the timeless appeal of the watch designs, you’ll enjoy them for a long time and never feel like they’re out of fashion. All this makes a DW square timepiece a truly unique watch!

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